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Soap Brač – Natural hand made soaps made from virgin olive oil from the island of Brač


Sponges Dalmata fina
One of the high quality sea sponges in the world which grows in the submarine world of the Croatian Adriatic. A 300 years old tradition of Adriatic sponge harvesters is still being cultivated on the small island of Krapanj, situated near Šibenik where some of the most beautiful samples of Dalmatina Fina can be found.


Scented bags filled with dry lavender flowers from the sunniest Croatian island – the island of Hvar


Hand made wooden vases in bright colors, made from alluvion wood collected from the beaches on the island of Lošinj


Hand made seagrass baskets, made in simple and rustical manner are available in manny different shapes and sizes. They are ideal for spaces exposed to sunlight and sea air.

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